The Chosen Reading Plan – Week 7

Two more episodes to go! There are some powerful moments of Scripture depicted in episode 7. We hope that you are encouraged and your faith is strengthened.

Day 1
Numbers 21:4-9 
Day 2
Mark 2:13-17
Day 3
John 3:1-21
Day 4
Luke 5:16
Luke 6:12-15
Mark 1:35
Day 5
Matthew 5:3
Matthew 7:21
Luke 17:20-21 
Day 6
Watch Episode 7

Questions to Consider:

How was the bronze serpent on the rod a foreshadowing of what was to come?

Jesus often went away by himself to pray. What can we learn from this?

If Jesus were on earth today as he was back then, how would you respond to his miracles, in complete faith out with a little doubt and disbelief?

Matthew seems to be portrayed as having possible autism/ obsessive compulsive tendencies. What do you think about this portrayal? Isn’t it encouraging that Jesus calls us despite our weaknesses?