The Chosen Reading Plan – Week 3

We’re in our third week of reading through and watching The Chosen. See our previous posts if you need to catch up!

Day 1
Matthew 18:1-6
Matthew 19:13-15
Mark 10:13-16
Luke 18:15-17
(Jesus and the little children)
Day 2
Luke 9:57-58
John 1:14
1 John 4:2
John 4:6
John 19:28
Matthew 4:2
(humanity of Jesus)
Day 3
Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Matthew 22:36-40
(the Shema)
Day 4
Psalm 133:1-3
Daniel 2:27-47
Daniel 7:13-14
Day 5
Luke 4:18-19
Isaiah 61:1-2
(The mission of the Messiah)
Day 6
Watch Episode 3

Questions to consider:

Jesus was likely an artisan/carpenter as was his earthly dad (Mark 6:3), but his “job” was never his mission. What should we take from this?

The children had such a pure and perceptive outlook (“maybe he is a prophet…”). Jesus said we should receive the Kingdom like a child—what should that look like for us?

Abigail had zero qualms at all inviting all of her friends to meet Jesus. What about you?

Why did the Jews think their Messiah would come to lead them against the Roman government? What is the symbolism in Psalm 133 and Daniel 2 all about?

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